Memory Foam Dog Bed – The Best Memory Foam Dog Beds For Canines

Memory Foam Dog Bed – Best Value Memory Foam Dog Beds

A memory foam dog bed offers a comforting and supportive experience for your dog. However with so many to choose from, and all the different prices, which ones offer the best value rather than being cheap rubbish, or good but overpriced? In this article we will review 3 popular memory foam dog beds.

We like a good value memory foam dog bed at Orthopedic Dog Bed as memory foam represents the ultimate in orthopaedic comfort and support, being the most popular and in demand material for human orthopedic mattresses. Memory foam is like a sponge that adjusts to support the body shape and weight, but without providing sharp resistance – as may be the case with a bed containing spring coils. Or simply crumpling under the weight – as can happen with some beds made from egg crate or convoluted foam. This material instead molds around the body shape while supporting the weight and body. This means painful or inflamed joints are supported and cushioned, rather than aggravated. This helps relieve arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia or muscle stiffness while your canine sleeps, allowing him to rest peacefully and help preserve the health of his joints. A good night’s rest means a happy dog.

Extra Large 4″ Thick Orthopedic Grade 100% Memory Foam Dog Bed for Large Dogs

Extra Large 4" Thick Orthopedic Grade 100% Memory Foam Dog Bed for Large Dog

This first bed is a fantastic value orthopedic dog bed consists of a pad made from generous 4 inches of memory foam to ensure that your dog gets the level of comfort that he needs.

For added comfort and protection from wetness the memory foam in this memory foam dog bed is surrounded by two layers of fabric cover. There is an internal layer Taffeta waterproof fabric zipper cover which secures the memory foam pad. It is waterproof on the top side and on the base it has breathable water resistant fabric to enable that air can circulate in the bed to avoid your dog getting too hot. This is necessary as the nature of memory is to trap heat inside the foam. The top layer being waterproof means that the dog bed is also suitable if your dog has some kind of bladder problem, which there is more chance of your dog developing as it enters its later years of life. The top layer also helps prevent the growth of allergens. This bed measures 40 x 35 x 4 inches and weighs 14 pounds. It is suitable for all dogs up to 180 lbs.

There is also an outer denim cover to put the finishing touches to the bed. It is removable via it zipper and can be washed in a washing machine and reused.

This dog bed is great value for money and one of the best memory foam dog beds for price and quality to buy now for your dog.

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Jumbo XXXL Over Stuffed Extra Large Orthpedic 58″X50″ Thick Heavy Duty Memory Foam Dog Bed with 2 Layer of Covers

Jumbo XXXL Over Stuffed Extra Large Orthpedic 58"X50" Thick Heavy Duty Memory Foam Dog Bed with 2 Layer of Covers

This bed is from the same manufacturer as the one above (pretty impressive to have two memory foam dog beds from the same manufacturer doing so well!), but this time the bed is “over stuffed” to make the bed more plump and cushiony which may be your preference for your dog. The bed is this way because instead of having a single piece of memory foam inside, this bed’s filler consists of new premium fiber-fil and new shredded polyurathane foam to provide extra loft. The bed measures 58 x 50 inches and as before, it is suitable for canines that weigh in at over 180 lbs, although one customer review talked about buying a bed each for her 200lb dogs, and that the beds are providing ample support for them.

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K&H 4163 Memory Sleeper Memory Foam Dog Bed, Large 29 by 45 by 3.75 Inches, Sage

K&H 4163 Memory Sleeper Memory Foam Dog Bed, Large 29 by 45 by 3.75 Inches, Sage

This final orthopedic dog bed is similar to the first model in that is consists of a single piece of memory foam. It measures 29 x 45 inches and has a removable washable cover.

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So which of these memory foam dog beds is the best? We like number one best for its specifications. We are not huge fans of shredded filler – we do not treat human mattresses this why, so why should a heavy dog bed any different? That is not to say that this bed is not very good – the customer reviews agree that it is good – although at the same time, they are not the ones that have to sleep on it. And with the K&H model, it loses to the first model as it is only 3.75 inches thick and does not feature the inner cover with waterproof upper and breathable lower – a feature that is sure to come in handy. It also costs more than the first model.

So the first model wins hands down on quality, features, and value for money, so we believe this memory foam dog bed to be the best value for money.

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