Extra Large Orthopedic Dog Bed

An extra large orthopedic dog bed is a must if you are buying a dog bed for a larger breed of dog, especially if he or she is young and still growing to full adult size. They can be any size upwards of 40″ diameter or 40″ width and 45″ length, and the depth of course will vary depending on the style of dog bed and filler used. There is further comment on the filler later in the article.

One thing that you must observe with your dog before you make a purchase is its sleeping profile. You will want to buy an orthopedic dog bed that matches your pets sleeping style. Let’s look at the two styles.

Some dogs will show a tendency to curl up when they sleep. For these types of dogs an extra large orthopedic dog bed in a round style will be best. You can find these beds with bolstered sides or without bolstered sides. You may wish to get one with bolstered sides particularly if you observe that your pet generally likes to rest against a surface, rather than being content to content to curl up and sleep without any kind of support to snuggle against.

Some dogs prefer to simply stretch themselves right out as they sleep. This is especially common with larger sized dogs. For these types of dogs, you will look for a long rectangular shaped bed. There are two common types of rectangular beds. Those that are thin like a mat and hence they may even be called dog mat, and those that have a thicker width making them more like a mattress.

If it is an orthopedic bed, it should support your pet whichever of the styles it uses. However, especially in the case of a dog mat bed, it is recommended that the bed should be made using memory foam, as a memory foam dog bed is both adaptable to your dog’s weight, as well as being versatile enough to support your pet’s weight, rather than simply collapse under it.

And that of course brings up to the important question of the filler material used in the dog bed. Well as just hinted memory foam lies at the top of the pile of best filler in exta large orthopedic dog beds.

The material is simply fantastic at being able to support weeight, while having the unique ability to mold and contour around the shape of your pet’s body, in response to the weight and heat. So you can see why we love it.

Egg crate foam dog beds or convoluted foam beds are also quite popular, and egg crate foam is a material that can be seen in some human orthopedic mattress toppers, but not orthopedic mattresses themselves – where memory foam or latex foam is the order of the day. This is because egg crate foam material is too thin and collapsible to support the weight of a human body.

Some other types of filler are gel or a combination of materials like spring coils with another filler material like memory foam or egg crate foam to bulk the bed up with extra support.

Whatever the material used as filler for a bed for a large or heavy dog, you may wish to check cstomer reviews therefore to help you decide if this bed should last your dog a long time and not wear out quickly.

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What Orthopedic Dog Bed Filler Should the Dog Bed Have?

Dog bed filler material found in an orthopedic dog bed is typically one of two varieties – foam or stuffing. When it comes to buying a quality dog bed, expect to get what you pay for.

That is to say, if you buy a cheap bed, then expect it to use cheaper filling that is weak, spongy, or will flatten out within a short period of time. Do you want a quality bed that will last your dog years, or do you want to buy a cheap bed that may only last a few months, after which time it may be more harmful to your dog than comforting and supportive?

So let’s look at the various types of orthopedic dog bed filler.

Poly Fill
Poly fill dog beds like the name suggest are beds filled with polyester foam. Good quality poly fill material is often described as high loft. What it basically means is that bed will not flatten. Something else to look for in the description of the bed is that the filling is resistant to being shifted around.

This is sometimes described as baffled chambers. The filler can quickly end up thinned out or flattened in the middle and/or shifted to the outer edges in cheap dog beds.

Foam filler is typically used in mattress dog beds. Mattress dog beds filled with foam are good for large dogs. Some beds may contain more than one different type of foam, this can be to enhance the comfort and support or to provide a cheaper and more market friendly alternative to only using high quality foam.

As with human mattresses, the firmness and bounce of the bed can vary according to the firmness and density of the mattress.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Foam Types
For dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia or any other kind of joint problem, then you are looking for filler described as orthopedic. Orthopedic dog bed filler material helps cushion and support the dog’s joint. This is of course desirable to help maintain the dog’s comfort joint health.

Types of foam used in orthopedic dog beds, from cheapest to dearest:

Egg Crate Foam / Convoluted Foam)
This is the main filler in the cheapest orthopedic dog beds. It is not used in human orthopedic mattresses as the material is thin and collapsible, so you may wish to bear this in mind when buying a dog bed if your dog is particularly large or heavy.

Upholstery Grade Foam
A reference to the strength (grade) of the foam. Usually stronger and hence more expensive than convoluted foam.

Dual Density Foam
This is a mixture of two types of foam. A thin top layer of high density foam for pressure reduction. And a thicker lower density foam for support and/or ventilation.

Memory Foam / Visco Elastic Foam
Memory foam is a high density foam. It is also one of the most common and in demand varieties of orthopedic dog bed filler material, as it is with human orthopedic mattresses because of its effectiveness in providing comfort and support to the joints, and also for its ability to return to its natural shape after use.

It is also one of the most expensive dog bed fillers. As such, an orthopedic dog bed is sometimes described as a memory foam dog bed.

What Orthopedic Dog Bed Type to Buy?

When thinking about what orthopedic dog bed type to buy, there are two main bed types to consider – Round / Curl Style Beds or Stretch / Rectangular Style Beds. These two types are designed to accommodate the two main sleeping styles of sdogs. The former being for the dog that likes to curl as it sleeps. The latter is designed for the the dog that likes to stretch out as it sleeps. Here’s a brief overview of the types of dog bed available.

Curl Dog Beds

Pillow Dog Bed or Cushion Dog Bed. These are usually round, square or rectangular in shape. They are also soft, like human pillows or cushions. Most are stuffed with foam or cedar chips. Cedar chips add a flea repellent benefit, however at the same time if your dog has skin allergies, cedar chips may not be a suitable lining.

Nest, Donut or Cuddler Dog Bed. These are usually round or oblong in shape to accommodate and support the body of dogs that like to sleep in a curl sleeping style. The perimeter edges are usually slightly raised in height in the cushion style beds. They’re more pronounced and rigid in the enclosure style beds.

Bolster Dog Bed. Like enclosure style beds, but with more pronounced raised sides, hence the term bolster.

Dome Dog Bed. Similar to a nest bed but also fully enclosed at the sides and overheard, apart from one side to allow the dog entry and exit to the bed

the size of your dog. Fortunately you can buy a large dog bed or a small dog bed quite easily although there may be limited choice with various sized dog beds being made of orthopedic dog bed material. is the quality of the lining

Stretch Dog Beds

Dog Mat – rectangular or square in shape. A dog mat is usually used for daytime resting or to line an outdoor dog kennel. A dog mat is usually made from a thin layer of foam. The more expensive mats use memory foam for support.

Dog Mattress – a dog mattress is large and rectangular in shape styled after a human mattress. A mattress dog bed provides a soft platform for dogs that like to stretch out as they sleep.

Specialty Beds

Designer Dog Bed and Luxury Dog Bed. These are stylish dog sized replicas of human furniture – for example a sofa or bed. The sofa style is particularly good for your dog if he tends to vary between both curl and stretch sleeping styles. It provides room for the dog to stretch and it has raised sides for the dog to curl up against. You can find many great styles to choose from to enhance the decor of the room the bed is situated in. However, bear in mind that the dog’s needs must come before the physical aesthetics of the dog bed.

Orthopedic Dog Bed. The above types of bed all come in orthopedic dog bed format. The difference is pretty much about the lining material. An orthopedic dog bed uses special material designed to comfort and support the dog’s joints. They are designed for dog’s suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and other types of dog joint problems. The most popular orthopedic dog bed material is memory foam. For this reason an orthopedic dog bed is sometimes also known as a memory foam dog bed.

What Orthopedic Dog Bed Size to Buy?

An orthopedic dog bed should be as large as possible
An orthopedic dog bed should be large enough for the dog to comfortably lay, stretch and naturally move about in without any part of him going over the edge.

How to measure your dog?
Measure your dog from tip of the nose to the base of its tail and from the floor to its head. This will give you an idea of the width and height of the dog bed required. You need to also take into account your dog’s sleeping style as there are two types of beds: those that accommodate dogs that like to stretch out as they sleep, and those that are designed to accommodate the dogs that prefer to curl as they sleep.

Size of Stretch Sleeping Style Dog Bed
Measure your dog while it sleeps when fully stretched out. The main dog beds for stretch sleeping dogs are dog mats or dog mattresses. As you can imagine, dog mats are thinner than dog mattresses. You can get orthopedic versions of both. Measure your dog while he sleeps and add about an extra 12 inches to both dimensions to ascertain the size of the dog bed that you require. This will enable you get a bed large enough for your bed to sleep on and stretch and adjust himself as as he pleases.

Size of Curl Sleeping Style Dog Bed
The main dog beds for curl sleeping dogs are nest, donut, pillow or cuddler dog bed. If your dog’s normal sleeping style is to curl into a ball or nest, then you can measure the diameter of the dog when he’s curled up during sleep. You will need to add about an extra 8 inches to the diameter of the bed.

Dogs that Change Between Stretch and Curl Sleeping Styles
For these types of dogs you can get furniture dog beds that are large enough for a dog to stretch out on, but will also have bolstered sides allowing the dog to curl against it when it feels like curling up. Sofa beds are one of the most popular beds that support both sleeping styles. They are also chosen in and of themselves for stylistic reasons.

Is Your Dog Still a Pup
If your dog is still growing, yopu may wish to make sure the bed is large enough to accommodate his fully grown size unless you don’t mind replacing a small dog bed as soon as the dog outgrows it.

Orthopedic Dog Beds – 6 Factors That Determine If Your Dog Needs One

When it comes to buying a dog bed, you may have noticed several of them described specifically as orthopedic dog beds. But unless you have had a need for human orthopedic mattresses or beds yourself, you may not have appreciated anything about these beds other than the price difference. “An orthopedic dog bed? What is that?”

Orthopedic dog beds do serve a specific purpose, and here are six factors that directly influence whether you should purchase one for your canine companion.
Your dog:

  • has dog elbow or dog hip dysplasia.
  • has canine arthritis.
  • has joint problems.
  • is overweight.
  • is one of the large dog breeds.
  • is old.

You probably will want to get your dog an orthopedic bed as soon if any of the first three conditions are met.

The latter three identify dogs most at risk of developing the first three conditions. You may wish to buy one of these beds as a preventative measure, in the hopes that maybe it might prevent or delay the onset of such conditions.

Why buy an orthopedic dog bed?

Orthopedic dog beds remove pressure points on the dog’s joints through their firm filling, relieving your dog’s pain and allowing for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Normal beds are not designed to achieve this purpose, therefore your dog will likely have pressure points around his joints which worsen and exaggerate the pain.