What Orthopedic Dog Bed Size to Buy?

An orthopedic dog bed should be as large as possible
An orthopedic dog bed should be large enough for the dog to comfortably lay, stretch and naturally move about in without any part of him going over the edge.

How to measure your dog?
Measure your dog from tip of the nose to the base of its tail and from the floor to its head. This will give you an idea of the width and height of the dog bed required. You need to also take into account your dog’s sleeping style as there are two types of beds: those that accommodate dogs that like to stretch out as they sleep, and those that are designed to accommodate the dogs that prefer to curl as they sleep.

Size of Stretch Sleeping Style Dog Bed
Measure your dog while it sleeps when fully stretched out. The main dog beds for stretch sleeping dogs are dog mats or dog mattresses. As you can imagine, dog mats are thinner than dog mattresses. You can get orthopedic versions of both. Measure your dog while he sleeps and add about an extra 12 inches to both dimensions to ascertain the size of the dog bed that you require. This will enable you get a bed large enough for your bed to sleep on and stretch and adjust himself as as he pleases.

Size of Curl Sleeping Style Dog Bed
The main dog beds for curl sleeping dogs are nest, donut, pillow or cuddler dog bed. If your dog’s normal sleeping style is to curl into a ball or nest, then you can measure the diameter of the dog when he’s curled up during sleep. You will need to add about an extra 8 inches to the diameter of the bed.

Dogs that Change Between Stretch and Curl Sleeping Styles
For these types of dogs you can get furniture dog beds that are large enough for a dog to stretch out on, but will also have bolstered sides allowing the dog to curl against it when it feels like curling up. Sofa beds are one of the most popular beds that support both sleeping styles. They are also chosen in and of themselves for stylistic reasons.

Is Your Dog Still a Pup
If your dog is still growing, yopu may wish to make sure the bed is large enough to accommodate his fully grown size unless you don’t mind replacing a small dog bed as soon as the dog outgrows it.

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