Extra Large Orthopedic Dog Bed

An extra large orthopedic dog bed is a must if you are buying a dog bed for a larger breed of dog, especially if he or she is young and still growing to full adult size. They can be any size upwards of 40″ diameter or 40″ width and 45″ length, and the depth of course will vary depending on the style of dog bed and filler used. There is further comment on the filler later in the article.

One thing that you must observe with your dog before you make a purchase is its sleeping profile. You will want to buy an orthopedic dog bed that matches your pets sleeping style. Let’s look at the two styles.

Some dogs will show a tendency to curl up when they sleep. For these types of dogs an extra large orthopedic dog bed in a round style will be best. You can find these beds with bolstered sides or without bolstered sides. You may wish to get one with bolstered sides particularly if you observe that your pet generally likes to rest against a surface, rather than being content to content to curl up and sleep without any kind of support to snuggle against.

Some dogs prefer to simply stretch themselves right out as they sleep. This is especially common with larger sized dogs. For these types of dogs, you will look for a long rectangular shaped bed. There are two common types of rectangular beds. Those that are thin like a mat and hence they may even be called dog mat, and those that have a thicker width making them more like a mattress.

If it is an orthopedic bed, it should support your pet whichever of the styles it uses. However, especially in the case of a dog mat bed, it is recommended that the bed should be made using memory foam, as a memory foam dog bed is both adaptable to your dog’s weight, as well as being versatile enough to support your pet’s weight, rather than simply collapse under it.

And that of course brings up to the important question of the filler material used in the dog bed. Well as just hinted memory foam lies at the top of the pile of best filler in exta large orthopedic dog beds.

The material is simply fantastic at being able to support weeight, while having the unique ability to mold and contour around the shape of your pet’s body, in response to the weight and heat. So you can see why we love it.

Egg crate foam dog beds or convoluted foam beds are also quite popular, and egg crate foam is a material that can be seen in some human orthopedic mattress toppers, but not orthopedic mattresses themselves – where memory foam or latex foam is the order of the day. This is because egg crate foam material is too thin and collapsible to support the weight of a human body.

Some other types of filler are gel or a combination of materials like spring coils with another filler material like memory foam or egg crate foam to bulk the bed up with extra support.

Whatever the material used as filler for a bed for a large or heavy dog, you may wish to check cstomer reviews therefore to help you decide if this bed should last your dog a long time and not wear out quickly.

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