What Orthopedic Dog Bed Type to Buy?

When thinking about what orthopedic dog bed type to buy, there are two main bed types to consider – Round / Curl Style Beds or Stretch / Rectangular Style Beds. These two types are designed to accommodate the two main sleeping styles of sdogs. The former being for the dog that likes to curl as it sleeps. The latter is designed for the the dog that likes to stretch out as it sleeps. Here’s a brief overview of the types of dog bed available.

Curl Dog Beds

Pillow Dog Bed or Cushion Dog Bed. These are usually round, square or rectangular in shape. They are also soft, like human pillows or cushions. Most are stuffed with foam or cedar chips. Cedar chips add a flea repellent benefit, however at the same time if your dog has skin allergies, cedar chips may not be a suitable lining.

Nest, Donut or Cuddler Dog Bed. These are usually round or oblong in shape to accommodate and support the body of dogs that like to sleep in a curl sleeping style. The perimeter edges are usually slightly raised in height in the cushion style beds. They’re more pronounced and rigid in the enclosure style beds.

Bolster Dog Bed. Like enclosure style beds, but with more pronounced raised sides, hence the term bolster.

Dome Dog Bed. Similar to a nest bed but also fully enclosed at the sides and overheard, apart from one side to allow the dog entry and exit to the bed

the size of your dog. Fortunately you can buy a large dog bed or a small dog bed quite easily although there may be limited choice with various sized dog beds being made of orthopedic dog bed material. is the quality of the lining

Stretch Dog Beds

Dog Mat – rectangular or square in shape. A dog mat is usually used for daytime resting or to line an outdoor dog kennel. A dog mat is usually made from a thin layer of foam. The more expensive mats use memory foam for support.

Dog Mattress – a dog mattress is large and rectangular in shape styled after a human mattress. A mattress dog bed provides a soft platform for dogs that like to stretch out as they sleep.

Specialty Beds

Designer Dog Bed and Luxury Dog Bed. These are stylish dog sized replicas of human furniture – for example a sofa or bed. The sofa style is particularly good for your dog if he tends to vary between both curl and stretch sleeping styles. It provides room for the dog to stretch and it has raised sides for the dog to curl up against. You can find many great styles to choose from to enhance the decor of the room the bed is situated in. However, bear in mind that the dog’s needs must come before the physical aesthetics of the dog bed.

Orthopedic Dog Bed. The above types of bed all come in orthopedic dog bed format. The difference is pretty much about the lining material. An orthopedic dog bed uses special material designed to comfort and support the dog’s joints. They are designed for dog’s suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and other types of dog joint problems. The most popular orthopedic dog bed material is memory foam. For this reason an orthopedic dog bed is sometimes also known as a memory foam dog bed.